Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to work for Calendar Day

I have two days of work this rotation, Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th. These days inconveniently fall right on Calendar Day and the start of after-Christmas sales, but I'd rather be earning money than not earning money. Besides, it's not like I have any money to go shopping with anyway.

These days will bring the grand total of days I have worked in the month of December to nine. Nine twelve-hour days, 108 hours, plus three twelve-hour holidays for which I've already been paid. Here's hoping for better times ahead.

Once my truncated work week ends I will be free for at least five days (four days off-rotation plus January 1), so I will be able to do my Christmas visiting starting Sunday, December 28. I'll be slightly sore, but I will soldier on. I'd better get some of these cookies delivered before I eat them all!


...tom... said...


RE: a thought at your Calendar Post linked here...

(Neither of these malls has a bookstore anymore. I remember when the Wyoming Valley Mall used to have two bookstores. Now bookstoreless malls seem to be the norm.)

Same phenomenon in our area also. The chains seem to be going to stand-alone behemoths that offer you a place to suck down profitable exotic coffees while browsing for books.

I always enjoyed disappearing into the depths of a mall bookstore and mentally disappearing for an hour or two, forgetting I was even in a mall.

Change is good.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Cookies??? Did someone say Christmas cookies???

RMinNJ said...

The cookies were always good..even the one year when they tasted like cleaner.

Much better than some expensive gifts we got this year that screamed "look how much money we have" rather than "look at the thought we put into this". This as we watched our gifs being tossed aside unappreciated even though they were all we could afford.

Christmas seemed terrible this year.