Friday, December 05, 2008

Ednaswap: Torn

This song has been intruding into my thoughts a lot lately - not the Natalie Imbruglia cover version which was ubiquitous on pop rock stations back in 1997, but the original version by Ednaswap that I was listening to on a CMJ New Music Monthly disc back in December of 1998.

(Dammit, embedding of this video is disabled. The video is actually just the Natalie Imbruglia one with the Ednaswap music laid over it, so you would be just as well off opening it in another tab or window and experiencing the audio only.)

Other songs from back then will also start to figure in my memory soon, including R.L. Burnside's dance version of Rollin' Tumblin' and several songs from Mazzy Starr's Among My Swan. The music I was listening to back then. The music I was listening to on that day.

Ten years soon. And it's all coming back to me.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Thanks for sharing that! I just played it while doing a bit of blogging...

I've never seen a video choose to NOT be embedded....

I would think people are on YouTube to be seen as widely as possible??? But, what do I know?