Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've got a Golden Squishy!

Ed Powers, the writer of the comic strip My Cage, has awarded me with a Golden Squishy as part of the 1st Regular Golden Squishy Awards! The award citation reads:
The next winner is D.B Echo, who wrote a letter to the editor of his local newspaper suggesting 'My Cage'. You can read said letter on his HERE on his blog.
I am so thrilled to have received this prestigious award!

My Cage, written by Ed Powers and drawn by Melissa DeJesus, is a fun comic satirizing the daily tribulations of human life through the mechanism of cute (and sometimes sexxxay) anthropomorphic animals. You can read it online here, but after you check it out why not write to the editor of your local newspaper and ask for it to be added to your funny pages? That way you can get the analog, wireless, cordless version delivered to your door every day - no booting up or logging on required! Plus, it will definitely up the game of all the other comics on the page!

My Cage blog
My Cage press release from King Features Syndicate
My Cage Wikipedia entry by fellow Golden Squishy recipient Fenris the Wolf
My Cage on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website
My Cage fan club, created by fellow Golden Squishy recipient Lóng Zhàn Qí Shì
Fellow Golden Squishy recipient yukiyuko's My Cage poll on

Check it out!


Ashley said...

Congrats on the award!
I'm so bummed I missed you online tonight. I set up my messenger to sign on automatically once I turn the computer on. I turned it on when I got home but by the time I actually got to it you were already gone. :( I'll try to catch you tomorrow.

Super G said...

Congratulations. Your blog rocks, as usual.

Super G