Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Atheists, Nihilists, and Agnostics explained

I really like Metalocalypse more than I should. It's not like I'm into this sort of music. But having been in the industry a little, and having known a few musicians and audio engineers in my personal and professional life, I get a lot of the stuff here. Plus, I'm pretty sure in one episode they referenced My Bloody Valentine, as band leader Nathan Explosion erases several albums' worth of recorded, completed tracks because he's dissatisfied with them. (My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields did the same thing, eventually resulting in a hiatus of fifteen years or so that was only broken last year.)

In this episode, bassist William Murderface has decided that he needs to find religion. But which one? Here the band sits in at a service in the Church of the Athiests.

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