Saturday, November 08, 2008

Those other blogs of mine

I have been neglecting all of my other blogs lately...and I have quite a few. I plan on making up for that.

I've just added eight posts to A Blog of Nanticoke. They're all reprinted posts that originally appeared here: the four-part series The Churches of Nanticoke, and the first four parts of The Stained Glass Project. These need a little fixing up, since all of the links are pointing to posts on Another Monkey, instead of the duplicate posts on A Blog of Nanticoke. But that can wait.

These eight posts are also the first in a new category: Nanticoke: A Tour Guide. I've always liked the DK Eyewitness travel guides, and I used them extensively during my travels in Ireland and London. These guides are heavy on illustrations, photographs, and color-coded maps. I'm trying to imitate that style a bit. It's worked on at least one person so far: as I travel around the long-familiar streets of Nanticoke, I can't help but look at things with the eyes of a tourist. Maybe we can turn Nanticoke into a tourist destination! I also have some other-Nanticoke-focused posts that I can put over there, but I have to search for them a bit.

I know I have a few garden stories to add to A Monkey in the Garden. There are mostly critter tales, but they still count.

I also have had the occasional computer issue that I can repost to Unknown Failure, though these are much rarer since a friend built me this fancy new computer last year.

And then of course there is NEPA Blogs, which I have completely neglected for the last few months. Thankfully, Gort and Michelle have kept this blog from drifting off to the place where blogs go when they become inactive. I'll be updating it soon.

I have other blogs, blogs that I haven't even linked to yet. Maybe I will. It will be nice to be blogging about something other than politics all the time.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

OMG! You're a bloggin' fool!

In other news, I'm glad your Mom found the Winesaps. I just bought a new batch today at the local farmer's Mkt...

I had some "Stamen Winesaps" last week which were sweeter than the "Winesap"... I prefer a tart apple myself and the Winesap fits the bill...