Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Thank You" would not be inappropriate at this time

Four years ago the voters of the United States failed. Some failed by voting for George W. Bush into office for a second term. The rest failed by not being able to vote for his competitor in sufficient numbers to ensure that George W. Bush would not have a second term.

So someone had the idea for the Sorry Everybody site, where U.S. voters apologized to our fellow members of the Free World for having failed to prevent such a "Leader" from taking that position once again.

Truth is, I was never a big fan of that site. We tried, dammit.

This time we succeeded.

OK, granted, Bush wasn't going to get a third term, and McCain, despite the hype, was not guaranteed to be a Bush clone. (Though he would be beholden to a lot of people who would want him to continue to follow the failed policies of George W. Bush. Would he toe the line, or would he find that which he lost back in 2000 and once again earn the title of "Maverick"? We'll never have to find out now.) And the collapsed economy certainly helped seal the deal - or was maybe the primary force propelling voters to get behind Obama.

Regardless. We said "Sorry Everybody" for the results of the 2004 election. I do not think it would be inappropriate - or very difficult - for someone to set up a website to allow the people of the world to say "Thank You" to the American voters who made Barack Obama the next Leader of the Free World.

For those of you who find such a proposal both impersonal and inadequate, some of us are also willing to accept your thanks in person. I will be available for any female members of the world population who wish to express their gratitude in a more personal and physical way. The line forms to the left.


dee said...

I thought about that same site earlier today, and I see know that the link leads to a new site, one where the world can say "hello" again.

I need to bookmark it and check back in a few days to see of anyone's responded.

MaryRuth said...

after Bush the Elder was elected, I got a "Don't blame me, I voted for Bill the Cat" t-shirt. I still have the shirt, but I'll never be that size again ;)