Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Pardons

Once again President Bush pardoned the official White House turkey, a monstrous 43-lb. beast who will, most likely, die within a year as a result of the deficiencies bred into it in the quest to develop the biggest, most delicious birds for the market.

Turns out the tradition of turkey pardons is a lot more recent that most people think - according to, dating back only to 1989:

By now you've probably seen the Sarah Palin post-turkey pardon interview, in which a turkey slaughter is carried out in a conveniently set-up shot. Even my most liberal friends regard this as an obvious case of "gotcha journalism."

And besides, this was a turkey farm where turkeys are bred and raised for slaughter, destined for the tables of Americans who indulge in the annual tradition of gluttony. Why should anyone be shocked to see that they actually kill the turkeys there?

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. And if you're feeling guilt over the fact that you're eating a dead bird, consider a Tofurkey next year.

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hedera said...

Sorry, I intend to continue eating turkey. Unrepentant carnivore, me. "Tofurkey," indeed.

...tom... said...


Hey hedera ... he hates on tofurkey in his linked post anyway...

Them turkeys are from Ellsworth, Iowa doncha know. The proud local spin on it is here.

Yum, yum turkey. Yum, yum football. Boo Detroit Lions.

' today's magic word is sumpa ...'

joy said...

NPR recently reported that some people in Zimbabwe have to scrounge thru cattle dung for a few kernels of corn to eat. Perhaps we should make Thanksgiving a day of Fasting in the US, as a means to truly recognize and appreciate our blessings rather than engoring ourselves into a gluttonous coma. (Nah, I'm still going to my sister's house to join in the Turkey 'n' Trimmings Feast)