Friday, November 28, 2008

Squidgy things

So I'm working on a post that will basically be the equivalent of jamming a stick into a nest full of racist hate-spewing hornets. But silence in the face of evil equals consent.

As you may recall, the last time I dealt with hornets it was with a ridiculous overabundance of caution. I defeated them. But these hornets do not slow down when the sun sets, nor are they vulnerable to an attack from an oblique angle. Dealing with one or two trolls was bad enough. Do I really feel like dealing with a well-organized army of them, and their irregulars throughout the world?

I'm going to need backup on this one. I had backup last time, both moral support and expert technical guidance. I expect I will need a lot more of each this time.


I've migrated away from MySpace, mostly. There are a few people I'm friends with there who are very active, but most of my friends have moved on from there. Even the "false friends" have moved on, meaning I'm not getting contacted by slutty girls in bikinis who really, really want to be my friend.

No, now I'm getting contacted by fourteen-to-seventeen-year old boys and girls from random spots in the world who really, really want to be my friend.

So, like, what's up with that? Is this happening to anyone else who has a MySpace account? Does anybody else still have a MySpace account?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm just so sure you "defeated" all us Evil Racists. You know, all us trailer park, ignorant rednecks, right?

I wait for your brilliant essay with baited breath. NOT!

I notice your gloating Obama graphic on the right. Surely, one day you'll be denying you voted for the guy.

A guy that's obviously a installed puppet to Jewry. One, who's not constitutionally qualified for POTUS, in the first place. A Mulatto brought forth by the same global forces now in the process of raping our economy, as they grind this country into a third world hell-hole they want us to be.

White, liberal males like yourself, can't be anymore ridiculous sounding these days.

I notice, too, how you don't dare comment on my blog. And I'm certain that you'll soon block my comments here, once you realize the futility of your silly, weak and tired liberal arguments for all your very own readers to see!

D.B. Echo said...

Wow, you sure as hell don't have anything better to do, do you?

No, truth is I've seen more than enough of your blog already. Can't be bothered to see anymore. You've made it pretty clear what visitors can expect, anyway.

hedera said...

Semantically amazing. I didn't think anyone still used the word "mulatto." No one I know cares enough to make the distinction. I wonder if he knows any octoroons.

I agree with you, D.B., about incogman; I glanced at the blog, and saw no reason to hang around. He hates everybody, doesn't he? No matter what he thinks, I'm convinced he's a minority viewpoint.

And, that's "bated breath," incogman. "Baited" implies you're trying to catch fish with it.

hedera said...

Oh, yeah, I got distracted. I still have a MySpace account but haven't visited it in weeks. I only know 3 people there, and only one of them updates her site regularly. Facebook is where I'm at these days.

MaryRuth said...

Um, OK?....:::scootching away from first commenter:::

I just got a MySpace a few months ago because I can hear music free from bands I like. They also post unreleased stuff and give other info about themselves.
I had resisted getting an account there just on the fact their interface completely BLOWS. It looks like it was designed by a 15-year old on a 3 day RedBull bender.
As a result I really can't figure out how to use it and I don't have any friends other than bands--or "false friends" either for that matter!