Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thicket the Owl is dead

You may recall Thicket the Owl from my visit to Grouseland for the Felberpalooza last September. I received word today that Thicket has died.

From: Murray Schrotenboer

We lost an old friend this week.

After 12 years of having and working with Thicket the Owl, he died on Monday the 2nd of April.

He was seen by several thousand people in programs at Grouseland, schools, nature centers, etc. and he was held by hundreds.

He had been ailing for about a month. Hard to know what it was but it could have just been old age.

It was windy and raw today with the temperature just above freezing as we laid him to rest.

He was never a pet, never affectionate, but he was a great program bird and it was always good having him around. A day doesn't go by when some kid at school doesn't ask about my owl.

He'll be remembered.


dee said...

He was a fine owl. I have no idea how long owls are supposed ot live, but it seems Thicket had a pretty good life.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

When anything that brought about understanding passes it is a great loss.