Monday, April 16, 2007

Résumé revision time again

While wandering through the Job Fair today (where I didn't hand out a single résumé, none of the booths I stopped at were set up for that) I came across a company where a large number of people who used to work at my former company now work. (This is not entirely a coincidence; the two businesses are in no way similar, but the "buddy system" plays a lot bigger role in getting a job than most people realize.) One of the people working the booth recognized me and said, "So, are you still involved in Continuous Improvement?"

I was a little taken aback by this. He quickly pointed out that he was in the Statistical Process Control course that I designed and taught, the one that caused me to revise my résumé yesterday. (It wasn't until much later in the conversation that I checked his I.D. tag and recognized his name.) Apparently the course left quite an impression on him - "I still have that book!" he said, the book being Understanding Statistical Process Control by Donald J. Wheeler and David S. Chambers, which my partner and I used as the textbook for our three-day course.

I tend to think of Statistical Process Control and my days as SPC Coordinator as a thing in itself. But in fact this was just one element in the Continuous Improvement continuum. And Continuous Improvement is not just another management fad: it is something that is still embraced and pursued by thriving, dynamic companies. So why the hell don't I have it explicitly mentioned on my résumé?

So it's back to the drawing board - or, in this case, the Word document. Continuous Improvement, baby! Statistical Process Control! Designing and teaching courses! Come on, you know you want me!

A note on the weather: It snowed. Not much in Nanticoke, really just a dusting, but a mile or so out of town there was a decent layer everywhere. It was coming down pretty steadily when I met a friend in the parking lot at the Job Fair, which was about 12 miles from my house. As we left the Job Fair after two final stops at a booth for a casket distribution b2b company (dude, that's totally a growth market as the baby boomers start to snuff it) and what we hoped might be a pharmaceutical distribution firm but turned out to actually be a place that pays for blood ("We have several employment opportunities, or if you're looking to make some quick cash while you're between jobs..."), the snow was several inches deep and coming down hard in flakes the size or quarters. "This isn't happening, this isn't happening, this isn't happening..." I intoned as we shuffled back to our cars.

Could be worse. Could be New York City. Seven and a half inches of rain in Central Park yesterday? That is seriously messed up.


Anonymous said...

Put a resume in here at DDS. I don't know if you saw our people at the job fair, I thought that was the place you were referencing, but, I can't imagine who was there except our human resources person. Someone quit last week and well, just put the reusme in !!!

anne said...

Good luck on the job hunt. I, myself, have recently joined the ranks of the job seekers. Mainly because I need to add some steady income - real estate is by no stretch of the imagination steady. I actually found a temporary job to squeak through for the time being but still looking...still looking...

Anonymous said...

I work in the CRO industry - where there is not enough statisticians to go around. However, I don't know the depth of you stat background.

Quality systems/audits is an important element of this industry as well (probably of any regulated business). That might be a path that might help you make a move into medical research arena.

The medical research/CRO business will probably provide steady (more recession proof) employment over the rest of your working career, though I have no idea if you'd find it boring or not.

Making the switch may not be that easy, but I'm throwing it out just to suggest you could try a totally new field.

Super G

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm glad you found another gem to put in your resume. Hang in there I know you'll find something.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Yeah, we're still soggy!

Domestic Zookeeper said...

I still say you should take the opportunity to go back to school. Take the financial aid, learn some new marketable skills - like, say.... get your Masters and get a teaching degree and teach physics or statistics, or even astronomy. You're a math-head. Play it up! You have a wealth of information that would be wasted in any other field.