Monday, April 09, 2007

R.I.P. Johnny Hart

Johnny Hart, creator of the quasi-religious comic strip B.C., is dead. He died at his storyboard. We should all be so lucky as to die doing what we love.

I didn't like a lot of what Hart did in B.C.. Most of the time I thought it was heavy-handed, unfunny, at times delusional...if you read the strip (or the other strip that he wrote for, The Wizard of Id), you probably have your own opinions of the man and his work. Still, at times he was able to set all that aside and just be funny. Here's an example:

B.C. , May 4 2006

Rest in peace, Johnny Hart. When I think of you I will hear doomed ants screaming as they fall off a donut.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I loved the ones where one of the cave people would write a question on a stone tablet and send it off on the ocean and wait for the wry reply.

Cedar said...

Oh that's a donut? Seriously, I don't understand this strip. Could someone explain it?

I did love the "Clam's got hands!" and all its weirdo variations.

srah said...

I like the ant-doughnut cartoon. RIP, Johnny Hart (and hopefully BC and Wizard of Id).

(I'm here via Comics Curmudgeon!)

D.B. Echo said...

Cedar, I view this as a non-anthropomorphic ant cartoon - unlike his ant cartoons set in the "SKOOL". It's really just a physics joke: there's no reason for the donut to be there, no reason for the donut to be on its side. It's just ants crawling up a vertical surface onto a donut perched on the edge. The overbalance it and plummet to their doom in a scene not unlike the warriors going over the cliff in the ads for the movie 300. No politics, no religion, just ants, a donut, and gravity!