Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Yesterday it was too hot to blog, at least on this computer. As the temprature soared to 80 degrees in this room I was only able to upload two of the three pictures on my "Ants! ANTS!!!" post. I added the first picture and all of the text this morning, but since I saved the post for the first time at 2:41 PM yesterday it was officially date-stamped with yesterday's date. The same thing happened with my "Spectre of the Gun" post - I started it on Wednesday but wrote most of the text on Thursday, so a reference to the next day being the anniversary of the Columbine shootings appears to be referring to Thursday - the day after the date stamp - rather than Friday, the day after I was witing, and actually the anniversary. I could fix that by changing "tomorrow" to "Friday", I suppose.

But right now I am lucky that the temperature has dropped into the low 70s. Internet Explorer has also picked up some crashy bugs, the sort of things that I usually associate with needing to do a Windows update, only I'm running Windows 98 SE which is no longer supported with updates. So I'm writing this in Firefox. Firefox takes much longer to open and crashes almost as often, but for the moment it seems to be working OK.

I've been neglecting NEPA Blogs, which is bad of me, especially since I've gotten a few e-mails about new NEPA websites. Maybe I'll take care of that now while my computer is not crashing.

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