Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ireland and London, 2006

Here's an index of all of my posts about my Ireland/London March 2006 vacation.

In deep
The tickets are purchased, and the countdown begins.
Travel preparations: 24 days and counting
Getting ready to order money, while the world collapses into chaos over some cartoons.
I hate being right
Mo' money, mo' problems. Or, never underestimate the ability of your bank to screw things up.
Baggage limits
Always check with your airline before you pack.
Final days
Four days and counting.
Memories, pressed between the pages of a book
How to record your travel memories without doing any writing.
Luggage is all packed. And then unpacked again.

Postcards from Ireland
An explanatory post written before I left. I thought I'd be doing quite a lot of posting from Ireland. I didn't.

Phase 1: A week and a half in Ireland
Ireland: First view
The first photo I took during this visit, and possibly my best.
How to build a fire
Around here we just set the thermostat and forget it. In Ireland there's a little bit more to staying warm.
The two most surprising things about Ireland
Brightly-colored buildings and palm trees.
Photos, photos everywhere and no USB connection!
My first "postcard" from Ireland.
Mountains in Ireland
Fermoy and the Blackwater
Culture shock setting in
My second post from Ireland.
A view of Ireland's second-largest city.

Phase 2: London
London, part 1
Kensington Gardens.
London, part 2
Beginning our bus tour of London. The Marble Arch, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, St. Martin-In-The-Fields, a "very strange-looking statue", Nelson's Column, and a first glance of Big Ben.
Trafalgar Square statue: Alison Lapper Pregnant
Discovering the identity of the "very strange-looking statue".
London, part 3
Big Ben and Parliament.
London, part 4
The London Eye, the Dali statues, St. Paul's Cathedral, The Monument, and Tower Bridge.
London, Part 5
The Tower of London, and the bus tour wraps up. Piccadilly Circus at night, and Les Miserables at the Queen's Theater on the West End.
London, Part 6
Our second day in London. Oxford Street, The London Dungeon, and misadventures with buses.
Leaving London

Back from London, and an Ashes update
My third and final post from Ireland.

Phase 3: St. Patrick's Day in Ireland
Back to Ireland
Two euros and fifty cents
A strange encounter with a very specific panhandler.
St. Patrick's Day in Ireland
Photos from the local St. Patrick's Day parade.
Ireland: The End
Leaving Ireland, and some parting thoughts.

I'm baaaaack!
Back home in Nanticoke.

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