Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Almost better

I think I'm almost over whatever it is that I've been sick with. I suspect it's been a succession of colds, abetted by reduced resistance brought on by stress. My voice is gradually returning - it's been reduced to a high, harsh croak these last few days - and I'm just hoping my coughing spells haven't caused any other damage.

My car passed its annual state inspection yesterday without any problems. This car turned ten years old about a week ago and passed the 255,555 mile mark yesterday, and it still gets mileage in the high 30's. It's had about six sets of tires, a dozen changes of headlight bulbs, about six new sets of wiper blades, one replaced exhaust system, at least one new timing belt, one battery replacement, a handful of air filters, a couple of EGR valves, a few PCV valves, and over 80 oil changes. It's still going strong.

Time is ticking away. Better get focused on the house stuff this week.


rimalicious said...

are you the original owner of the car?

D.B. Echo said...

Yes, indeedy.

Betz said...

Stress can be a killer for sure.
But you are looking better today than you have for a few weeks.

rimalicious said...

wow, impressive