Monday, September 13, 2004

Nanticoke's amazing web presence

For a city as small as it is, there are quite a few websites about Nanticoke. Here's a sampling:

The Official City of Nanticoke web page, which is currently down. It was up when I started writing my last post on this topic, the one which caused my PC to crash. I wonder if the Nanticoke website went down so hard it crashed my PC. Or vice-versa!

The unofficial Home Page for Nanticoke Online. 9,082,000 square kilometers of land? I don't think so. If our city were a square, each side would be over 3000 kilometers long! I think they meant square meters. Maybe.

The Greater Nanticoke Area School District web site, complete with an interactive map of our schools. Kosciuszko Street used to be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the only street where you could go from Kindergarten through the second year of college (at Luzerne County Community College, a.k.a. L.C.C.C., a.k.a. the University of Nanticoke) without ever having to leave the street.

Here's some general data on Nanticoke, here's some more detailed demographic data, and here's the equivalent of a "Mostly harmless" entry in an online encyclopedia. Speaking of which, we still don't have an entry at, the online attempt to create a real-world Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (And that is the preferred spelling, by the way.)

Then there are tribute pages, like Capt'n Clint's Place, with antique photos of Nanticoke. The Nanticoke Historical Society has some more old photos here.
Here are even more old images. Here's a really nice page, with maps and a history. Middle Road is as old as the United States itself...? Wow!

Nanticoke has at least one other famous citizen, the actor Nick Adams.

There's lots more, but I need to get to bed soon, so Haley and I can walk the streets of Nanticoke again tomorrow morning!

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