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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


On my commute home from work today, just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, my 1996 four-door Toyota Tercel DX hit 300,000 miles. I pulled over on an offramp on the Central Scranton Expressway to record the event.

It should come as a surprise to no one that, three miles later, my CHECK ENGINE light came on.*

I had no intention of keeping my car this long - well, not up until the events of nearly two years ago. I had planned on getting a new car after about the 250,000 mile mark, or when cars become sufficiently advanced for me to consider selecting a replacement for my sturdy, reliable, efficient (40+ mpg in the Summer) Tercel. Other cars aren't there yet, and at this time I can't afford to add a car payment to my monthly list of bills. Maybe someday.

Until then, I'll keep on driving my Tercel. Next stop: 350,000 miles!

*Really, it's probably just a milestone setpoint - though I don't remember if I had the light come on at 100,000 or 200,000 miles. But there are a few things I should have taken care of soon anyway. On Thursday I'll check everything I can check myself, especially the coolant/antifreeze level - that has set the CHECK ENGINE light off before.

1 comment:

MaryRuth said...

Yahoo! You should have carried a can of spray paint and made a big X in the road. I took a pic of my 100K on my old Geo. That was a good little car too.