Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Boulevard of broken blogs

I'm preparing another group of blogs to be featured as NEPA Blogs Blogs of the Week on PA Live! (Yes, my segments for PA Live! are pre-recorded, usually twenty or more episodes at a time, so I only need to go in to the studio two or three times a year. It hasn't always been like this, but it works out for the best these days.) And it's a very depressing experience: so many great old blogs have gone dead, been abandoned, or been cybersquatted. In some cases the bloggers have moved on and lost interest in blogging. In other cases the blogger has died. And in some cases the blogs have been hacked, taken over by someone else, turned into something else.

At some point I will go through the lists and weed out all the dead and cybersquatted blogs. But not just yet.

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