Monday, January 07, 2008

The world turned upside-down

There are only two constants that I know of when it comes to weather: It always rains for the Bloomsburg Fair, and it always snows for Russian Christmas.

Well, that second one ain't true anymore.

Today was Russian Christmas (or "Christmas for people who follow the Julian calendar," as Jennifer's Assistant News Director prefers it to be phrased) and the weather was downright balmy, somewhere in the 50's. Or so I've heard. I spent the day in a climate-controlled whitespace where we are isolated from the outside environment. (It's highly recommended for those afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Take it from me.) But it is my understanding that there was not a lick, a hint, a merest shadow of the implication of a suggestion that maybe perhaps it might possibly start to snow sometime today.

This probably isn't the first time it didn't snow on Russian Christmas. But, as with all such things, we remember the hits and ignore the misses. Were I not to be writing this post, perhaps in the future I might still say "It always snows on Russian Christmas."

And what happened? Maybe it's Climate Change. More likely it's the result of something I described a while back:
Apparently we're in a La Niña year - so we can expect cold weather early on, mild weather in mid-Winter, and cold weather again after February 15 or so.
Still, we've had La Niña years before, and I still think it snowed for Russian Christmas every single year. Yes. Definitely. Maybe. Perhaps. I think...

At least it still rains for the Bloomsburg Fair. Every damned year.


Jennifer said...

Of course it always rains for the Bloomsburg Fair. The thing lasts for 8 or 9 days. Unless we're in a drought, it's bound to rain at least ONE of those days! Russian Christmas, being a one-day affair - the odds of snow are not so good.

joy said...

Sort of like "it always snows during Farm Show Week"...I don't think that has held true since I returned to PA 7 years ago. When I was a kid, ponds here in York County would have ice skaters on them by Thanksgiving and the Susquehanna would freeze over. Haven't seen either of those things happen in recent years either. joy

OddAngelCharon said...

I was supposed to work the World of Wonders show at Bloomberg one year. The promoter called me when I was twenty minutes out from home and told me not to bother because, as he put it, "we're frickin' under water."

I think the run was as good as over by the time everything dried out.

anne said...

The Bloomsburg Fair Phenomenon is the only weather constant I know to hold true. Although, there is a volunteer fire company in Frackville that always holds thier block party over Memorial Day weekend and I think it always rains for that. Almost. Maybe?