Saturday, January 12, 2008

Videos from Nanticoke

I've been neglecting my other blogs for waaaay too long.

While we have been accumulating new blogs for NEPA Blogs for a while (and have just determined that at least two of the currently-linked blogs are definitely dead), I've only actually added one to the sidebar in recent months. One of these days I'll get around to adding the others, after first verifying that they still exist. Plus I should change the seasonal images from Autumn to Winter...but damn, those Autumn pictures are purty.

A Blog of Nanticoke is in the same boat. I meant to do stuff about Christmas in Nanticoke, but never got around to it. I'd like to do some more profiles of businesses in Nanticoke, though I don't feel it would be fair to jump into one of those while I've got a request from the owner of one (Rutter Auto Service, at the corner of Kosciuszko and Main) hanging out there. (Walter, now that the construction is done in front of your place, get in touch with me with any information you think I can use.) And I've been planning to do a piece on The Churches of Nanticoke for a long time, but that's actually a huge undertaking - like, potentially book-sized. We've got a lot of churches.

Anyway, turns out someone in town has been posting videos to YouTube from around Nanticoke. As of this writing nanticokeweb has posted 25 of them. It looks like so far they're all from either Musicfest 2007 or Christmas 2007. While my photos tend to be idyllic images that aim for a Rockwell-esque effect, these videos are more honest warts-and-all views of Nanticoke and its inhabitants.

Here's a sample - the Christmas in the Park parade:

Also, check out the Pierogi Eating Contest from Musicfest 2007:

Go here for all of nanticokeweb's YouTube videos!

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