Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Tudor Bookshop is closing


A while ago I wrote about the plight of independent booksellers, and encouraged everybody to support their local independent booksellers.

For me, that will soon no longer be an option.

I haven't shopped at the Tudor much. My favorite local independent bookstore was the Book and Record Mart in downtown Wilkes-Barre, but it closed up shop around 1997. My next favorite - we used to have three independent bookstores in this area! - was Village Green Books, and was open from about 1992 to 1998. It had a huge selection of books and magazines, and I shopped there fairly regularly during their too-brief existence. The Tudor has always struck me as being a bit more upscale and esoteric. Its selection of books has been at times limited, and in recent years it has drastically reduced the number of books available. But for much of the last decade, they have been the only independent bookstore left in the area.

And by the end of this month, or shortly thereafter, they will be gone. Here is the mailing I just received:

Tudor Bookshop is Closing
From: Tudor Bookshop & Cafe
Sent: Tue 1/15/08 5:36 PM

Dear Friends of the Tudor,

It is with great sadness that I tell you that due to rent issues and the economics of independent bookselling, the Tudor Bookshop & Café will be closing.

In our imprinted stationery and invitation department, I want to assure you that all initiated and placed orders will be completed. I am also working on arranging continuity of these services.

All scheduled author appearances and TLC Book Club meetings should take place as planned.

Throughout the month of January, the Tudor can continue to take your special orders for books from distributors and new books will continue to arrive including books by John Grisham, Madeleine Albright and Stephen King.

What is of great concern to me is how to repay all of you who have supported the Tudor for over 30 years, especially those of you who are Preferred Readers or Tudor Gift Card recipients.

Our Going Out of Business Sale will begin this Friday, January 18th with special offers for our Preferred Readers and Tudor Gift Card recipients. The details are below. As the closing progresses we will keep you informed of further reductions and our plans.

I want to thank all of you and my wonderful staff for your loyalty, interest and kindnesses throughout these past 30 years. I will miss all of you so very very much. In the next few weeks I hope that I will have an opportunity to thank you in person.


Tudor Bookshop
Going Out of Business Sale

Friday, Jan.18th* thru Thursday Jan.31st.

20%** off everything in the store

Preferred Readers:
30%** off everything in the store.

Tudor Gift Card Recipients:
25% off** everything in the store.

*all purchases will be non returnable as of this date, Friday, January 18th.
**Discounts do not apply to cafe, artwork, special orders or imprinted items.


The Tudor Bookshop & Cafe
651 Wyoming Ave.
Kingston, PA 18704
(570) 288-9697

Sun. closed
Mon. - Wed. 8 am - 6 pm
Thu. 8 am - 9 pm
Fri. 8 am - 6 pm
Sat. 9 am - 5 pm

Northeast Pennsylvania's Oldest Independent Bookshop:
Celebrating 30 years!


Michelle D said...

That really really sucks. I wonder if they have that Wilkes-Barre postcard book I read about in the Times Leader a few weeks ago....I want to buy it.

SeattleDan said...

Well, that is sad. It is a difficult business, and not made easier with the chains and big box stores.

Our friend here in Seattle, Michael Coy, is closing his fine bookstore which is located downtown, not far from the Pike Place Market, after being open 15 years or more. And if things don't get better,we will be joining him, alas.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

That is so sad. I'm sorry D.B.