Saturday, December 02, 2006

NEPA BlogCon report

So what does one call a meeting of bloggers? I'm inclined to call it a cave, in the sense of a place where trolls might gather. But then again, "troll" has a specific meaning (actually, several different specific meanings) in the world of blogs and blog comments. When I say "trolls" I have in mind a gathering of several large, unkempt monsters who rarely see the light of day - as one of our number described it upon entering the bar, "a bunch of fat white guys." (This isn't entirely true. Gort is quite svelte, and the author of Wilkes-Barre Online is downright wiry. The rest of us are just big-boned.)

The discussions were wide-ranging and quite animated, especially after the third beer. Much of the most passionate conversation centered around politics on the local, state, and national levels, but we even talked a little about blogging inself, such as the pros and cons of Blogger (wich hasn't crashed in days) vs. Typepad, and which tracking software is the best (I'm quite happy with SiteMeter, though considering the amount of information available from a free, downloaded program, I am terrified at the amount of information available to someone with something more sophisticated.) We had representatives of several counties, some of whom had traveled more than an hour to get there.

In the end I had to bug out early - well, relatively early, around 7:30 - to meet with another blogger and her friends. The party raged on without me. I look forward to reading more complete reports from the others in attendance!


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! We have these in NY every once in a while.

Gort said...