Sunday, December 17, 2006

Falling towards Christmas

Seven days to Christmas Eve. Eight days to Christmas. Virtually no shopping done. There will be a lot of gift cards getting handed out this year. Low-denomination ones, I'm afraid.

I mailed out another stack of cards yesterday. I have three more to mail tomorrow. Twenty-five cards so far. Then just two more. One to a friend whose address I do not know, but with whom I am having dinner on Thursday. The other one...well, I just realized I may have been using the wrong name on their cards in the past. And I seem to have fallen off their Christmas card list. Maybe we'll wait and see.

I've got my gifts for people at work nearly assembled. Just a few more pieces, and then I have to haul them in for the party on Thursday. I'm making Chocolate Dream Pies, too, so maybe I'll make them Tuesday night and take them in Wednesday.

I also need to work on my sort-of-but-not-really gag gifts for my friends. Once I sit down to make them it should only take a few minutes total. Those are things I have to work on at my house, especially since one of the components of the gift comes from the house.

By the way, my valves worked fine. No problems there. But I have to add "empty rusty, filthy water from furnace" to my weekly to-do list.

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