Friday, December 22, 2006

Firefox sucks (again)

I've been using Firefox again for the last few weeks. It seemed to be much more stable than it was a few months ago when I abandoned it during the rash of js3250.dll crashes. Unfortunately "firefox js3250.dll" and "firefox keeps crashing" continue to be among the top ten search engine hits for my site. So obviously the problem hasn't gone away.

As I said, Firefox has been much more stable and reliable for me than it was a few months ago. At least this was true until last night. Last night the latest "critical update" for Firefox installed itself on my computer. Since then each of my Firefox sessions has ended in a lockup and a crash. Most of the time this is just annoying. When the crash takes out a blog entry I've just invested some time in, and when the crash is so serious that the blog entry is unrecoverable, it's more than annoying.

So. Maybe I'll keep using Firefox to check for blog updates using the RSS feed. Maybe I'll even use it for other purposes. But for now, it's just not stable or reliable enough to use to post blog entries.

I suppose I could recreate the blog entry I was working on. It was link-heavy and topical and funny. Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow. And I'll definitely be writing it using Internet Explorer, not Firefox. For all its problems, IE is proving itself to be more trustworthy that Firefox. Oh, well.

Get well soon, Firefox.


Lisa said...

You always make gifts for the people at work for Christmas....where's the pics?!

D.B. Echo said...

Geez, I almost forgot! I have one kit left, but I'm giving it away later today. I'll need to photograph it before then!