Monday, December 11, 2006

Friends and relations send salutations

And the Christmas cards are just pouring in. Well, two of 'em so far. If my crappy ancient Logitech eyeball camera weren't so darned fuzzy, you might be able to tell that the card on the left is from Camilla in Norway (discernable by the Norwegian "Merry Christmas" greeting "God Jul" to the left of the center of the card.) The other card is a more abstract image (a closeup of an ornament with a ribbon) from my friend Tressa and her husband.

I sent off three cards internationally last Monday. I mailed a dozen on Saturday, and one more today. I need to get out at least an additional nine, but some of those I don't have addresses for just yet. And, as predicted, my ink cartridge has started to fail, running low on (of all things) yellow, at least on part of the card. Still, if you don't know that the image on the back of the card was supposed to have a yellow cast to it, you wouldn't notice that it was missing. So I soldier on.

If you'd like a card from me, just let me know, and send the necessary mailing information!

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