Friday, December 08, 2006

Cards, parties, and cookies

I mailed my first batch of Christmas cards on Monday. Early, I know. These were to overseas addresses. I hope they get there by Christmas.

I have at least a dozen more printed out. Maybe I will do another half-dozen tonight. These are a little image-heavy and take a while to print out, so I am only printing out a few at a time. Eventually I will suck my ink cartridge dry, at which point I will probably discover that my replacement cartridge is also dry.

Tonight we had our company Christmas party. It was better than I expected, partly because it was held in a much bigger room than last year, and partly because a couple of people who swore up and down that they would not be there decided to show up after all. I did manage to get lost getting there, and wandered the hills and byways of Sturgis, Archbald, and Scott Township for 40 minutes trying to find the place, stopping twice for directions. (Note to people giving directions: While the statement "Go out of the parking lot, down the road thataway, and turn left at the light" may be technically the same as "Go out of the parking lot, down the road thataway, and turn left at the third light", the latter statement contains a critical additional piece of information which may be of some interest to lost travelers that the former does not. And note to business owners: If you own a popular bar/restaurant and would like to retain only the clientele who currently frequent your establishment, then it is perfectly acceptable to have the only sign indicating the name of your business printed in a type that is illegible from the road, so that people unfamiliar with your structure might drive past it several times while looking for it. If, however, you would like to attract new patrons to your location, you might want to consider having a BIG FREAKING SIGN ON YOUR BUILDING WITH THE NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS. Just a suggestion.)

Tomorrow I'll be making cookies. A quadruple batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They're basically the Toll House Cookies recipe from the Nestlé Semi-Sweet Morsels package, minus the nuts, plus a lot of oatmeal and a little milk.

Haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, except for the shopping I've been doing throughout the year for gifts to give to people "eventually". Time to gather those gifts together and figure out who I still need to buy for.



Ashley said...

Christmas cards early? I sent mine out December 1st!

Lisa said...

feel free to send any cookies this way, I haven't done any baking yet.

betz said...

I presume I am one of the "few" people who swore up and down they weren't going then went....