Monday, August 14, 2006

The return of Lisa's Amazing Grace

I blame Firefox.

Before I had Firefox I had no idea what RSS feeds were. With Firefox's Live Bookmarks feature, I can use the RSS feeds that come standard with many blogs to see when people have updated without having to open the blogs themselves.

Unfortunately I've been without Firefox and my Live Bookmarks for about two weeks, so the only way I know when people have updated now is to actually check for myself. Which I haven't been doing as often as I should.

Lisa at Amazing Grace has been posting again for more than a week after a nine-month hiatus, and I didn't notice until last night. Dammit! This is in spite of the fact that she and I discussed Sitemeters last week. I must be getting slow.

So stop by, catch up, and see how things are going with my favorite quilter / CPS caseworker!


Gareth said...

I love Firefox bookmarks too. I also use Google Reader as my alternative RSS reader, along with its Google Homepage widget. Runs in IE as well...

Lisa said...

Do you know anyone else who quilts and is a caseworker??!!

rimalicious said...

I have quilted and my child is a case. LOL.