Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's too hot, baby

It's currently 83 degrees in this room. It was 85 last night, and nothing I did could bring the temperature any lower. My computer malfunctions above 80 degrees. Above 85 it basically locks up.
After consulting with a friend this weekend, I'm wondering if the problem is with my 1999 vintage AMD-K6 3D processor. Unfortunately, my computer is too unstable for me to do any serious research on whether this is a known issue..
A new problem: blog posts sent by e-mail are not consistently getting through. I tried to submit one twice yesterday, and was only able to post it the old-fashioned way during a temporary reprieve from Firefox crashes. We'll see if this gets through.
I'm probably not going to buy a computer from Best Buy, for the stupidest of reasons: every single printed-out descriptive tag for the computers in their store is smeared, blurred, and streaky. It is virtually impossible to read the description for any of the computers' features. This should be obvious to every clerk, associate, or manager walking past the PC's. The fact that they haven't bothered to do anything about this tells me something about their level of concern for the customer. We'll see what Circuit City has to offer.


Gort said...

Check out Custom Computer in Kingston.

D.B. Echo said...

I think I will! I hope they're open Saturdays!

Gort said...

They are open 10-2. Ask for Bob Sr. and tell him I sent you. He has been super. Whenever I have a problem or a question I call him and he walks me through it. Beats the hell out of calling some 800 number and getting someone in Bombay

Deanna Hoak said...

Heh. I grew up in Texas, and I hate cold so much that I keep the AC in my house set at 81. My poor Pennsylvanian husband only tolerates it because it saves money. :-)

Betz said...

LOL!!! Deanna, that is so cute.
You are right, running the air constantly can really jack up that energy bill.
All I keep wondering is how are elderly sickly people coping with this heat if us "youngsters" who are healthy are griping about it?
And yes, I include myself as a griper.