Friday, August 11, 2006

Personal DNA: Benevolent Analyst

This is all Encouraging Inventor Mr. H.K.'s fault.

At least, he was the first one I saw with this test, a multi-question personality profile. Then Animated Director Rima took it and posted her results. Then Benevolent Creator Melanie.

Actually, I took the test the other day at work (on a break, of course!), but wasn't planning to post my results. But blogger peer pressure got to me. So here it is:

If it isn't showing up, you can follow this link to the results:
My Personal Dna Report

Like Melanie, I'm a little baffled by scoring so high for "Style". Style? Me? I suppose if you interpret this as "Personal Style", which is pretty much the opposite of the more common concept of "Style", it makes some sense. I'm one of the least stylish people I know, but I have a pretty easily recognizable personal style.

Some of the other stuff I don't agree with either. I suppose it's like knowing I'm an Aquarius and on the Monkey-Goat cusp (I consider myself a Monkey, even though I am technically a Goat): anyone knowing me will know that I fit with 75% or so of the characteristics of both a typical Aquarius and a typical Monkey, in a way I do not fit for a Leo or a Rat (or, for that matter, a Goat.) Some of it is interpretation, some is shoehorning. Some is dead on.

Anyway. Take the test for yourself, and see how you score!


Super G said...

Ha ha ha. I am the "Respectful Analyst." High on confidence, trust in others, masculinity, spontaneity.

Low empathy, femininity, attention to style, and weighted toward funtional versus aesthetic.

I disagree somewhat on the empathy rating.... but OK otherwise.

rimalicious said...

I think mine was pretty right on except for the extremely low empathy. Did anyone else notice that they offered 3 choices for gender - Male, Female, and OTHER? LOL

marc said...

"Animated Inventor" here. Read into that what you will.

Mr. H.K. said...

Ah Benevolent One!

melanerd said...

I love when Other is a gender option. I think those that fit into that catagory appreciate the effort to be recognized.