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Friday, December 29, 2006

100 down, 813 (or so) to go

So. I've started labeling posts. I've created quite a few labels so far, and I've been able to label 100 posts (well, 98 posts; two of them were drafts that haven't been published yet.) Most of them have two or more labels - some of them quite a few more. Some of the posts that I've already labeled need to be re-labeled with labels I have thought up since I first labeled them.

Today is also NaDruBloDa - National Drunk Blogging Day. I fully intended to participate but then I remembered that I had a blood donation scheduled tomorrow. So, no drinking allowed. Except some red wine. It thins the blood, makes the donation go faster. So I'm having a little red wine. 24 ounces - two 12-ounce mugs - of Franzia Cabernet Sauvignon (from a 5-liter box that I just bought an hour ago) so far. I may have a little bit more with dinner - leftover pierogies from Vigilia on Christmas Eve. So, sorry guys, no Drunk Blogging for me today. Jes' a little drinkie with dinner. Thassal, ossifer.


Gort said...

There are make up days for NaDruBloDa.

D.B. Echo said...

I managed a third 12-ounce mug. 36 ounces of wine total. And I technically did manage to post a blog in the middle of it. But most of my blogging energy was devoted to labeling - 200 posts now.

rimalicious said...

and drunm IMing ... LOL

hedera said...

I see you've finally figured out how to make at least some of your posts not be links that don't lead anywhere. Good luck on locating links only where you want to connect to something. Or is that the effect of NaDruBloDa??

I actually quite like the beta Blogger - which is now the true and only Blogger. Of course, I only had 73 posts to put labels on.

Betz said...

You made me thirsty for a glass of wine.....LOL!