Monday, October 25, 2010

One more night

Working overtime tonight.  Maybe I'll get a few hours of sleep after I get home before it's time to line up to see Bill Clinton.  At least three hours on my feet in line after being on my feet all night - yeah, this will end well.

I don't know if my mom will get to see him.  She, like most senior citizens, probably won't be able to stand in line for three hours, and I doubt there will be ample seating inside the venue either.  Maybe if we can secure a wheelchair sometime between now and then, she'll at least have a place to sit while we wait.  Since much of Nanticoke's population consists of senior citizens, I'm thinking that a lot of them will be unable to attend this historic event.  Which is too bad.  Some of them may also find it difficult to make the effort to get out and vote on Election Day.

Traffic has faked me out every night since I started leaving for work twenty minutes earlier - there have been no traffic jams whatsoever.  But I've only done that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We'll see what the traffic situation looks like today.

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