Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So much to write that I'm not writing

I spent the day - Tuesday - out with my mom, taking her shopping all over the place.  This was the first time I've done that in a while, and may be the last time I get to  do  it for a while.
Meant to call someone last (Monday) night, but this was interrupted by a phone call from another friend.  By the time I got off the phone and did some things that needed doing, it was past the time that polite and civilized folks make phone calls.  Meant to do it again today, but was interrupted again, this time by a long-delayed letter that needed writing.  By the time I looked up, it was after midnight.
There's stuff going on.  Politics.  Elections coming up.  Water issues.  Hydraulic Despotism isn't just a topic for Frank Herbert science-fiction series, or for a cover story on last week's Newsweek.  It's real and it's here.  Cabot Energy, the natural gas driller who has legally accepted responsibility for contaminating water wells in Dimock, is now trying to weasel out of its obligations to set things right.  And now, with all the spontaneity of a spontaneous pro-government demonstration in China, residents with lucrative contracts with Cabot have started a petition drive demanding that the government stop being so darned mean to poor little Cabot.
But I can't do any of that justice right now.
Last night - well, Monday night - I stepped out to haul garbage from my mom's house to my house.  Nanticoke has a four-bag limit.  With all those cats, my mom generates more than this.  With me making only special guest appearances at my house, I generate somewhat less than this.  So each Monday evening that I'm not working I will bag up some garbage, load it onto a tarp, roll down my windows, and haul it across town to  my house.  As I stepped out of the house last night I heard something very strange:  nothing at all.  No traffic in town.  No traffic on route 29, a mile across a ravine from us.  No planes flying to Avoca.  No construction.  No air conditioners or pool pumps or blowers for those big inflatable holiday decorations.  No cats fighting or neighbors arguing.  For a space of more than a minute, nothing at all.
That last paragraph was supposed to be a post in itself, called "The Sound of Silence."  But when I have no time to write about things that need writing about, can I justify writing such a post?  No.  But didn't I just write it as a side note to this post?  Yes.  Confusing, isn't it?
Tomorrow - later today - I plan to update another blog I've committed to writing, and start working on a visitors' guide for the upcoming Sideshow Gathering, and take a stab at mowing the lawn, and upgrade my lamp timers at the house, and clean my car, and buy some things I need, and get discounted advance tickets to the Gathering ($10 instead of the $15 price at the door), and make that phone call I failed to make yesterday and today, and meet some friends for dinner.
And then on Thursday, it's back to work for another four or five or six days.

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