Friday, March 19, 2010

Notes for a future post

This is one of those posts I've been meaning to write, but I haven't been able to bring enough of myself into focus long enough to do it justice. And tomorrow starts another stretch of - well, whaddya know, three and two-thirds days! (Friday 10 PM-2 AM, Sat-Sun-Mon 6 PM - 6 AM, Tuesday 6 PM - 10 PM) - during which I will definitely not be able to do a proper job on this topic.

The question is one Mark Cour raised this past Sunday, in an aptly-titled post:

Circumlocution for Dummies: Why bother?
...During stretches such as these, it's a real chore for me to write. All of which makes me wonder about small town bloggers who post their brilliant utterances on a daily basis no matter what. No matter what. What am I to make of that? They've either got too much time on the their hands, no job, or they are devoted to an endeavor with highly questionable returns.

And I've always wondered about that, that motivation. On a case by case basis, why it is that people bother? I've questioned my own motivation in print at times, and so has another die hard known as Gort. Sometimes I wonder if some are blogging with an end result in mind....

...So after all of this needless circumlocuting, I am left to ask, why do you people bother? And what makes a person blog as if by rote? What's the reason for the 'another day, another post' mentality? And lastly, what do you get out of it? Why bother?
I have answered all of these questions here and there, a little at a time, sometimes several times over, with answers that may or may not be mutually contradictory. But I will answer them again, in a single, unified post that attempts to draw all these threads together, to lay out all the different reasons side-by-side and show that they do, in fact, point to an answer.

But not just now. Sometime soon.

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