Friday, September 05, 2008

YouTube Weekend: Courtney Love, "Sunset Strip"

I'm going to spend the night at the house again tonight. When Tropical Storm Hanna hits tomorrow I will be assembling bookcases and stocking them with books.

No politics this weekend if I can help it.

Something is happening at work that gives me a very bad feeling. Then again, I may find myself in a position to earn lots more money. Not as much as I want, but maybe as much as I need. We'll see.

I've been sick lately. Allergies, I assumed, starting this Tuesday and exiting yesterday. Yesterday I had no more sneezing or watery eyes - instead, I felt woozy and feverish and giddy and garrulous. Not like an allergy at all. A virus, maybe? Viruses scan sculpt their host's behavior in frightening ways. What the hell mas in me?

A friend recently pointed out that my greatest aptitude lines up exactly with my seemingly thwarted dream. Do I really need a Ph.D. to make it happen? Maybe I already have all the tools I need...

Video time: On America's Sweetheart, Courtney Love reminded us that even though she is at times a french-fried withered-up strung-out repugnant hag, she can also sometimes tear right into you and rip your soul apart. She does this in the song that plays under this video, "Sunset Strip", particularly from 2:55 to 4:53 - an ascending frenzied spiral in which she grabs you by the lapels and screams the words directly into your face, only to have her drop you and flip modes for the final lines. The video...well, let me just say I appreciate the hell out of AnnaMoto for posting this song, as this is apparently the only version online.

Courtney Love, "Sunset Strip" (video by AnnaMoto):

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