Saturday, September 13, 2008

The The: Love Is Stronger Than Death

After that 9/11 post, I really feel like I need to post this song for closure. Temporary closure, for this year, maybe.

The The's "Love Is Stronger Than Death" has been there for me at many important moments in my life, if only as an audio file tucked away in my brain. When my friend Pam died, when Columbia died, when Haley died, this was always the song that came to mind. If I were to be hit by a bread truck tomorrow, I'd like this song played at my funeral.

Unfortunately, Sony has not seen fit to allow their official YouTube videos to be embedded into blogs, unlike the labels in the Warner Music Group. So you'll have to follow this link to see the video. You can find the lyrics here at The The's official website.

It's a good song. You should go give it a listen.

The The: "Love Is Stronger Than Death" video

Here come the blue skies
Here comes springtime
When the rivers run high
And the tears run dry
When everything that dies
Shall rise

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