Monday, November 19, 2007

Scenes from a snowfall, Part 2

The snow continued all day Sunday and all night into midday Monday. There was a very unreal sense to it. Even as I was clearing the snow away, I kept thinking, Wow, is this what it's gonna be like when it actually snows later on?

Here are pictures I took today:

Here is the last rose of the season, completely coated with snow. The rose can be seen on the lower left.

The view from inside an Oak tree, looking up.

Japanese Red Maples actually do change color in the Fall from their usual rich burgundy to a bright crimson. The leaves look really nice against the black bark and white snow.

The view from beneath the trees

Evergreen berries

Snow on the Christmas tree, with a Turkey on a stick

Yellow Maples on the Yellow Brick Road. Note how the trees on the right side of this road have lost all their leaves.

This little brick road between two cemeteries is one of my favorite subjects for paintings and photographs.
(a painting based on one of the photos from the original post)

The wall in front of the ruins of Skatarama.

Well, back to work I go. Get ready for some Thanksgiving holiday reruns!


dee said...

That snow on the Japanese maple is gorgeous. Would make a fine Christmas card.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

D.B. the pic of the Japanese Red Maple is absolutely stunning!

anne said...

Beautiful photos.

I love the street scene with the yellow maples.

Our final final tally was around 10 inches according to what was on the trampoline. Although, actual precipitation very well could have been more as the snow was wet and kind of compressing throughout the whole ordeal. The kind of snow I think is referred to as "heart attack snow". Best to leave it just melt - too dangerous to shovel.

Gort said...

Another great set of pics. I hope I'm wrong but you may get sick of taking snow pictures before winter is over.