Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Poop Cake

I mentioned a while back that my friends and I have an annual All Souls' Day gathering dinner in memory of our deceased animal friends. Due to scheduling conflicts we actually didn't get together until Friday, November 2nd. After a fine dinner at the Amber Indian Restaurant in Moosic (I had Lamb Tikka Masala) the highlight of the evening made its appearance: the Poop Cake.

Yes, it's supposed to look like a used litterbox. It was a chocolate cake (made from an eggless recipe) topped with crushed vanilla Oreo cookies and artfully formed Tootsie Rolls. The key, as with so much fine food, was in the presentation, which in this case consisted of an ultra-realistic arrangement of the shaped Tootsie Rolls (the person who made this cake has owned many cats, and has much experience with litterboxes) and the use of a foil pan which fit precisely into a plastic litterbox.

Maybe it's because I haven't had much of an appetite since I started working again. Maybe it's because the chocolate cake and crumb topping brought to mind my grandmother's Shoo Fly Cake, and each bit presented a bit of cognitive dissonance as I was expecting molasses and getting chocolate. Maybe it was something else. But for some reason, I found myself unable to finish my piece of cake. Which happened to be one without a shaped Tootsie Roll on it.

Mmmm, Shoo Fly Cake. Gotta find the recipe for that and try it out in our new oven...


anne said...

That cake is awesome!

I can't wait to make one.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

That is one cool cake!

Anonymous said...

I think my recipe for "Kitty Litter Cake" uses some other flavor of cake mix (Spice maybe for the sandy color?)'s been years since I last made it. What a great idea -- All Souls' Day to commemorate dead pets! Right now the front of my locker is starting to look like a shrine to them as we've lost quite a few pets recently and I haven't removed their photos yet.
Mmmm, ShooFly Cake...I haven't had that in years either!