Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shiny and new

I finally upgraded to the NEW & IMPROVED version of the template I've been using. I've noticed one thing:

After a "block quote" section, line spacing is reduced. This was a bug with this template long, long ago, but was allegedly fixed (in the "classic" version) way back when.
We'll see if it's still a problem. Maybe it's just a bug that affects posts that were made using the "classic" template. If it's an ongoing problem, I expect I will need to be re-upgrading my template sometime!

UPDATE: Fixed it! It took some digging and link-following, but other people have encountered this problem before me and have worked out some elegant (and some not-so-elegant) solutions. But it should've been right from the start. This is an issue that was identified a long time ago.

Here are the relevant links:
From Blogger Help Group
From The REAL Blogger Status

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