Monday, February 19, 2007

Changing of the Holidays

My house, done up for Valentine's Day. Features: 15 feet of Made-In-America red garland (with hearts); three-foot dangling string of red plastic hearts that spin in the wind; foil hearts on front windows and doors; red spinners on left and right sides of porch. Not visible: gel snowflakes on windows.
Red wind spinner on front porch.
Red foil heart on front door.
A few hours later, converted to St. Patrick's Day. Features: 15 feet of Made-In-America green garland (with shamrocks); three-foot dangling string of green plastic shamrocks that spin in the wind; wind spinner with Leprechaun hat dangling from string of shamrocks (seen blowing in front of door on right); foil shamrocks in front windows; cardboard shamrocks on front doors; two types of green spinners on either side of porch. Not visible: gel snowflakes and shamrocks in front windows. Note the change in the sky's appearance. Note also the freakin' huge snowpiles everywhere.
Closeup of front doors showing Leprechaun-hat wind spinner being used to weigh down string of shamrock wind spinners. We'll see if doing this keeps the whole shebang from flipping up on top of the garland as often as my string of hearts did. Note the green wind spinners on either side. Geez, I really need to replace those storm doors sometime soon. Green foil shamrock in front window. Note gel shamrocks and snowflakes dimly visible through reflected image of the house. Note also that I'm paid up for garbage removal through the year, baby!

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