Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Abandoned

See this movie. It is creepy-scary. It is the sort of movie that will crawl behind your eyes and get into your brain and scare the crap out of you long after you've seen it. It will give you nightmares. It will make you afraid to be home alone. Trust me on this. See it!


tiffany said...

ummm, where was the part where you say something that makes me want to see the movie?

because, no.
those all sound like very good reasons for me to not see that movie.

Anonymous said...

Do a google search on its director, Nacho Cerda, and I defy you to sit through GENESIS and AFTERMATH: his one/two punch on necrophilia. Have a vomit bucket ready.

He's a capable horror director, able to plummet the extremes and then reel it in and deliver something conventional. However, having survived AFTERMATH and GENESIS at film festivals, THE ABANDONED is smooth sailing. Well made, smooth sailing that is - for a Nacho Cerda film.

Anonymous said...

As tiffany says --- what part of your description is intended to encourage me to see this movie.

Count me in the non-horror-movie-going category.

Super G

anne said...

Oh, um...I'd really like to see the movie. Really, I would.

But, due to the fact that I live in an old house in the middle of the woods - and spend some nights there with nothing to keep me company aside from my overactive imagination - I must decline.

Cannot. Watch. Scary. Movies.