Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

Today one chapter in my life ended and a new one has begun. It was a longish chapter, covering nearly the past 15 years.

I should be depressed, or upset, or something. Instead I am...excited, exhilarated, optimistic. As I told a friend of mine who is in the same situation, we should think of it as an adventure.

To those who left with me, I can say: we will not truly be apart. We will always have this place. And the Big Wide World is not always so big, or so wide. We will meet again.

And to those who we left behind, please know that you will always be in my thoughts. I wish you the best. Difficult times lie ahead. I will help you however I can. Keep in touch.

Title reference: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" is from Semisonic's song Closing Time from the album Feeling Strangely Fine.


rimalicious said...

OMG! Did you get laid off?

marcoshark said...

Hey, heard the news. The bunch of you should pool your resources and take clients away from those evil Canadians.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that, DB. But I'm glad to hear you're all right.

If there's anything you need, let me know.

Bill @ IB

D.B. Echo said...

Rima, I wouldn't so much say "laid off" as "cut".

D.B. Echo said...

And, Bill, thanks.

Mark, we're not burning any bridges just yet. At least they didn't do this to me while I was on vacation!

hedera said...

DB, sorry to hear about it. Hope you come out well on the other side, and there will be another side.