Monday, October 30, 2006

Rock on

Aside from the speech balloons, this is an unretouched photo of a natural rock formation in Canada first brought to my attention over at Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy. The headphone cord is an access road, the earpiece is a structure of some sort, and I'm betting that the eyebrow piercing is also some sort of structure. The Mayan or Aztec Indian in the iPod "I'm Listening" pose is what most people are noticing, but one of Phil's commentors noticed the second figure on the right, who may or may not have a long, pointed beard. I recognized the hands at the left and decided these were two guys going to an Ecstasy-fueled rave.

So now you don't have to go to Mars to see a big stone face from the ground - just someplace in Canada! But as one commentor pointed out, if you turn your monitor upside-down, the illusion disappears. (It wasn't until some time later that he pointed out he was using a laptop!)


marc said...

makes you think that Slartibartfast had a hand in this.

Lisa said...

Isn't today Happy Hallowhog?