Monday, October 23, 2006

The Comics Curmudgeon

After waaay too much thinking about death and politics, The Comics Curmudgeon is just plain fun. Josh Fruhlinger provides curmudgeonly comments on a host of newspaper comic strips every day, if you're lucky.

I found out about this site, as did a lot of other people, through the CNN article "Death of a man nobody knew", about Aldo Kelrast, a spooky Captain Kangaroo-esqe Mary Worth stalker who wound up dead and (almost) unmourned. Having had very little exposure to Mary Worth it was a bit of a stretch for me to see why anyone would care about this character's death - but Josh makes you care. Now I'm glad Aldo Kerlast is dead.

My papers don't carry more than half of the comics Josh reads and offers curmudgeonly comments about, so this site is quite an education. Go visit, and see why life in The Family Circus is much, much darker than you ever realized.

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