Monday, October 16, 2006

And now for something completely different

Adam Felber's Talkshow with Spike Feresten is still going strong. It's nominally on FOX at midnight on Saturdays, but baseball playoffs have been kicking it into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

A few weeks ago I convinced some friends to watch it with me. It didn't go over too well, though I think it had a sort of car-crash fascination for them, and it did elicit a few genuine laughs. This bit actually got them engaged, since several of them had experience with mobile hydraulic platforms. (You'll have to watch the clip to understand!)

This week's episode had me laughing all the way through. It featured Slo-Mo Humanimal Races, a piece of which Adam was justifiably proud. (He's the panda.) In addition to the linked sketches listed in my earlier post, you can also find several other Spike Feresten sketches on YouTube, including the Mexican Space Lizard (at the Felberpalooza Adam could not stop raving about the giant iguana in a cowboy hat with a guitar, especially once he had quite a bit of Maker's Mark in him) and the ad for the album "B.B. King Sings About His Other Ailments" (why stop with diabetes?) Go take a look, have a laugh, and then watch the show this coming Saturday!

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