Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The return of Super G!

Super G (formerly of My Distractions In This Modern Age) has returned with a kinder, gentler blog: The Hurricane's Eye - A Place Where Everything Is Calm. Set aside your wrath, find your center, and stop over for a visit. Just watch out for the wall cloud.

(Funny thing is, I once considered spinning off a second blog that went the other way - an angry political blog. But I found that what Mr. John Lydon once sang is true: anger is an energy, and channeling your anger into words can be extremely draining. Not to mention bad for you. But I've still left the option open.)


Super G said...

Thanks for the promo.

I rarely get mad ... it drives my wife crazy. So, for me, not getting mad could be a subtle form of passive aggressive behavior.

Betz said...

I get mad alot, and I get even. Erm, does this make me a bad person?