Friday, August 12, 2005

Blue Sundaze: The End, Part 2

Blue Sundaze played its second and possibly final "final" show at Wellington's in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania on Friday, August 5. While it took the crowd a little while to warm up to the band, as the night wore on the patrons became more enthusiastic about the music and the people playing it.

There was a decent crowd at Wellington's, despite the fact that those who came to see the New Order tribute band "Blue Sunday" may have felt like they had been hoodwinked. Note that being in one of the most affluent parts of Northeastern PA does not mean that you will not run into egregious spelling errors - like the handwritten "LIVE BANb" sign on the right. Mantis of Certain Doom is offscreen.

Yes, there were even people dancing. Notice the amazing overhead shot made possible by the photographer extending his arms - and the camera - as far above his head as he could. Good thing there's a little video screen on the back that let me line up the shot from a distance of over two feet and a viewing angle of about 5 degrees.

The final Blue Sundaze photo - for now. Note Rose's wild action hair.

There may be more Blue Sundaze shows in the future, possibly during holidays. But for now, it looks like the band has played it's last regularly scheduled show. But, hey, I've said that before...

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rimalicious said...

Very cool, wish I coulda been there. As you can tell by my photo albums I am a big fan of live music. Did you completely forget about your Til August blog? I actually bookmarked it but it hasnt been updated since .... MAY!