Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One more last chance

Once again I turn the blog over to Rose from Blue Sundaze:

dear ::insert your name here::
i hope you all have been well. i would like to take a moment and discuss something very serious- a modern day miracle. a guitarist whom derrick and i know (henceforth known as SAINT john quinn, or SAINT q-ball, depending on how you know him...) has accidentally double booked his band, which means that he had to cancel one of them.... and he gave it to US!!! derrick and i (and im ASSUMING ray and john) were hoping to have one more good jam before the resident hen leaves for school but didnt think it would happen (which is WHY its a miracle)...
in other words,
BLUE SUNDAZE WILL PERFORM ITS FINAL LAST GIG OF THE SUMMER AT WELLINGTONS IN CLARK SUMMIT THIS FRIDAY THE 5TH OF AUGUST FROM 10PM- 2AM. (i hope no one on this list is color blind and cant see blue... if you are you should really get that checked out...)

its very easy to find, and not far from tunkhannock, which isnt really far from dallas, which isnt very far from wilkes-barre, dupont, or baltimore...here are directions:


that is all.

rose+ ray+ john+ derrick = blue sundaze (like a pill, always take with plenty of fluids... preferably of the beer variety)

ps- there will be a group of us praising st. q-ball and all of his good deeds this saturday at 5 facing mecca- come and join.

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