Monday, August 29, 2005

22 beagles need homes!!!

A little bit of business I can take care of right away. Beagles! Get your Beagles!

If you live within striking distance of Cornell and can take in a young female Beagle, please let Danielle know. Thanks!

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From: Danielle Buttke
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Subject: 22 beagles need homes!!!

Sorry for the mass email, but we need help!

Many of you are familiar with the research beagles that we have/will all have the opportunity to work with throughout the vet curriculum. There is a colony of 22 female beagles that have been used for the sole purpose of oocyte collection (ie, no experimentation) that now need homes or they will be euthanized, some as early as next week. They are all incredibly sweet dogs, mostly around 1-2 years of age, very docile, and none of them bark. While none of them are currently housetrained, every dog that we have adopted out has been successfully trained and made a wonderful pet.

if you know of anyone that might need a female beagle, please let me know ASAP or they will be euthanized!!


Danielle Buttke

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