Monday, February 21, 2005

Work and weather

Still not what I mean to be writing about, which is a little photographic journey Haley and I took last Friday during the first of my Fridays off. But here's one observation from that day: I think most of the population of this area does not work, or works at night, or has jobs that involve driving around all day. Because any time I take a day off, I find that the streets and shops are just as crowded at 10:00 in the morning or 1:30 in the afternoon on a random weekday as they are on any given weekend. It just makes me want to shout, "Doesn't anybody around here freakin' work?!?"

More weather. Five inches of snow fell overnight, fairly dense, wet, snowball-and-snowman snow. I woke up feeling semi-vigorous and decided to attack the sidewalks with a shovel rather than drag out my snowblower. A half-hour of cheerful exercise later and the sidewalks were clear. I decided to toodle off to the driveway and see if there was any snow to be cleared there - and realized that the snowplows had already been through, creating about a ten foot swath of twelve-inch-high compacted snow on the road in front of my house. So now I had to break out the snowblower anyway. (I had work today, and clearing the snow by hand would have taken way too long. Plus I would have probably died in the process.) So if I had realized the need to use the snowblower in the first place, the half-hour of cheerful exercise on the front sidewalks could have been three minutes. Grumble, grumble.

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Anonymous said...

totally man, drive by the movie theater on a weekday...i didnt know so many people wanted to see are we there yet? and alone in the dark.
see harold and kumar.