Sunday, February 27, 2005

Adding Puppetdude3

I've added Puppetdude3 to my Blog Links. This is in keeping with my policy of linking to blogs that I read regularly for my own convenience (especially when I'm using something other than Firefox and don't have the nifty RSS feed buttons to link with.) Also, it's a fun and interesting blog.

I've been stopping by Puppetdude's place ever since Gareth at Another Chance To See gave him* a mention. One feature of Puppetdude's site are the "5 minute walks", in which he set out from his house, walked five minutes in a given direction, took some photos, and wrote about what he ran into. This works in a place like Dunstable, in England, which was founded in 1132 by Henry I and is simply dripping with history; for Nanticoke the results would have been North = houses, South = houses on edge of forest, East = high school football stadium on edge of forest, West = houses. I've done something similar with my entry on The Ruins, although this is more like a 15 minute walk from my house. (I've also got some great photos from around town from last October that need to be worked into a blog entry.)

So: go visit Puppetdude3, and enjoy!

*I'm assuming Puppetdude is a "him", although Gareth referred to him twice as "her".


puppetdude said...

Wow, thanks for the plug!
I shall go and do likewise
And just to let everyone know i'm a Him!

Gareth said...

Sorry Puppetdude. Don't know what gave me that idea. I've corrected my post accordingly...