Friday, February 25, 2005

Adding two more links

I've added two more links to the sidebar on the right. The first one, despite being marked "NEW!", is a link to my "Another Monkey's Greatest Hits, Volume 1" post from January 30, 2005. I've included it in the upper section, which is where I stick general information about me. As I come up with additional "Greatest Hits" lists I'll also include them here.

The other link is long overdue. As I've mentioned umpteen times before (and tried to summarize in the "Greatest Hits, Volume 1" post) I continue to get several hits a day from people searching for Cathy Baker, Jimmy Riddle, Jackie Phelps, eephin', and other things Hee Haw-related. The best site I've found for information on these things is Risa's Hee Haw Tribute Page. I've included this in my "Blog Links" section, even though it isn't technically a blog. (Risa's blog is accessible from her Rissy's Treasures page, but the blog hasn't been updated in a while as of this writing.) I'm hoping that this link will direct a few folks to a site that actually might have the information they're looking for!

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